Newborn Fine Art Sessions

Newborn Fine Art Sessions take place inside my home studio which is conveniently located in Pikeville, Kentucky. We are just a half mile from The Commons Plaza. 

A private bathroom and nursing area are both available for your needs. Sessions can run long according to your session requirements and the baby’s needs so I try to have a few snacks handy but please feel free to bring your own. 

High quality props in neutral colors are always provided for the baby so the only other thing you need to bring with you are diapers, wipes and milk. If you have an important heirloom that you wish to include please let me know. Custom props are available by request. If you are hoping for a custom color, custom or unique outfit / setup please contact me to discuss this. 


Newborn Fine Art Investment

All packages include the highest quality studio printed 4×6″ portraits and a USB Flash Drive containing your digital image files.

All sessions capture basic poses including macro captures of your baby’s most delicate features and parts as well as photos with family if you wish. 

When booking your session you will pay a $100 session fee to reserve your appointment. This total is non refundable and covers the cost of studio preparation and my time. The balance of the package you choose is due the day of your session and needs to be paid prior to the session beginning. 

Basic Collection

  • Two Setups
  • Online Gallery
  • 15 Printed Boxed Portraits ~OR~ A Soft Cover Album
  • Additional image files $25
  • Additional background setup $50


Bonus Collection

  • Three setups
  • Online Gallery
  • 25 Printed Boxed Portraits ~OR~ A Soft Cover Album
  • $150 Product Credit
  • Additional image files $20


Complete Collection

  • Three setups
  • Online Gallery
  • 40 Printed Portraits 
  • A Soft Cover Album
  • Custom Image Box
  • Custom Flash Drive
  • $200 Product Credit



Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many questions that you must have about newborn portraits! I’ve tried to list the most common issues for you here but please feel free to contact me with additional questions. 

When should I book my newborn session?

Please book your newborn session during the middle of your second trimester or 18-20 weeks into your pregnancy. If you are further along already and wish to schedule please contact me as soon as possible.  When using the booking link please schedule your appointment as the day of your due date. This is just a tentative date used as a holding spot in my calendar so if the date isn’t available please schedule on the next open day as close to your due date as possible. Adjustments for your actual delivery will be made to accommodate your specific needs.

When will the session take place?

Newborn Fine Art Sessions are completed when the baby is 5-8 DAYS old. I know it’s so easy to lose track of time and think that you have plenty of time left to get those OOOH and AHHHH new photos but it’s crucial for the type of posing that I do to complete these sessions before the baby is 10 days old. Days 5-8 have proven to be best for me and baby over the years. If your baby is already older than 10 days old you will need to contact me to find out which type of session will be better for you. 

Do I need to bring clothes or props for my baby?

Nope. Basic neutral props are stocked in the studio. The items I use are custom made for newborns and for the style of photos that complement my portrait style. If you have an heirloom or special items that you wish to have included with baby, please contact me before booking your session and/or purchasing items to insure that I can incorporate them well. I will do everything I can to accommodate your ideas.

Do you offer custom or one of a kind props?

I sure do. There is an additional charge and I need to plan this in advance though so let me know as early in your pregnancy as possible.

How long does it take for a newborn session?

No less than an hour and half is needed for just one setup. I work around your newborn’s needs for feeding and diapering so we are really at baby’s mercy on time. Normally I recommend planning for 2-3 hours. 

What is a ‘Setup’ anyway?

Newborns are photographed on blankets, in baskets, bowls, wraps, etc. Each different outfit or background change is considered as One Setup. I normally like to do one all white setup and one colored setup…. but it’s really up to you and I always ask your preference. 

Can you come to my house for the session?

In home sessions are available for an additional charge and I will need to visit your home first check out lighting requirements.

Are siblings and parents included in the session fee?

Yes, always! There is an additional charge for more than 2 adults or 2 children. Please let me know if there are lots of you in advance. 

What should everyone else wear?

Neutrals are always best. Gray, white, ivory, khaki, soft blue or pink. Free styling services are available with all newborn fine art sessions so after you schedule I will help you plan all the little details. 

Are the photos retouched or edited?

Yes newborn fine art sessions are fully edited.

How long before I get to see the photos?

Your ordering session is booked the day of your newborn appointment for two weeks later.

Do you post sneak peeks online?

Yes, I post 3 images with all paid basic packages. Upgraded packages may have more images posted and might be blogged.

Do I get digital files of my session?

Yes. All of my sessions include portrait products AND digital files of each image you purchase. 

Do I get to choose the images that I receive in my package?


Can I bring my pet, too?

Unfortunately I suffer from a histamine disorder that causes me to be allergic to most animals so I ask that pets not be brought to the studio. Pets are welcome in your in home sessions.






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