Hey there! I’m Andrea. Thanks for your interest in learning more about me! I live and work in Pikeville, a town in heart of the Appalachian Mountains in Eastern Kentucky. 

I am the woman behind the camera around here. Anyone can call themselves a photographer these days but I really consider myself an artist and memory keeper.  I work with families and individuals who are looking for a memorable portrait experience full of joy.

Me as a Photographer

My personality

The first thing you should know about a session with me is that while professional, I’m very laid back and casual. I’ve forged many friendships that I treasure while working – so don’t be surprised if you leave your session with the feeling that you’ve been hanging out with me just having a good time because that’s always my #2 goal (after making sure that your portraits are beautiful.)

My Style

Every photographer has a unique style and they all evolve over time, but I don’t try to label mine because it feels very limiting. My work has come to vary between either bright and airy or emotional and moody, depending on my subject, environment, etc. You can see an example of the differences above in these two recent images which were taken on the same day.  Overall I like a very classic and clean edit that looks natural. I can tell you that I’m obsessed with capturing details and meaningful moments. If you are looking for a photographer with an eye for those things then I’d love to work with you.


Inspiring Things

I’m inspired by souls and stories. The way that a parent looks at a new baby makes my heart sing. Newborn fuzz, baby tummies, little feet and eyelashes make me swoon.

Bouncing little girl curls, real smiles and laughing faces; heartfelt embraces, the movement of a twirling dress or flying hair; the look of honest emotion on a face: These things give me butterflies and are the moments I most look forward to capturing when I’m preparing for a session. 

You Should Know About This:

My Son, Cole

7/23/98 – 10/10/17



My perfect 19 year old forever son, Devin Coleburn Ousley has went on to Heaven.

He was my first WHY. Because of him, I first knew love. He is the reason I first wanted to learn to use a camera properly. He’s why I was a ‘MomTog’. He’s the reason you can rest assured that I treasure your memories and understand their importance. 

He also is the reason that I founded The Cole Initiative, a local suicide prevention organization. I urge you to click here to learn more.

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Other Things I Love 


My faith.

 First and foremost, my Faith in God is my why for EVERYTHING. I love to share love and kindness to others because of my loving Lord’s example. I love to love me some Jesus, I love my bible and I love my church family.


My Family.

I’m married to a man that I met on Myspace when I was 30. (Not even kidding! LOL) We haven’t went a single day without seeing each other since the very first day we met (face to face) on November 2nd, 2008. Needless to say, he swept me off me feet and is my real life Romeo.

We have a 9 year old son together who is a COMPLETE joyful handful …. and he keeps us busy playing football, baseball and basketball year round. My husband coaches nearly all of his teams so most of the time we are at practice or a game of some sort. We love every second of it!

My extended family is BIG. It’s full of interesting, dramatic and chaotic people that I love fiercely, especially my parents, my one sister, nephew and niece. My family is my WORLD. 


My Friends and Community

My inner circle is extremely small and my closest friends are considered family. I might even fudge a lie and say they are my relatives if I’m asked about them. HA! Other than those people, I’m also incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing friends. As I’ve mentioned before, many of my clients are friends and if they aren’t in the beginning, they often end up being my friends because we live in a pretty small town and we’re all connected somehow anyway. That’s what I love most about Pikeville (all of Eastern Kentucky). We are one … 



Connections to others are what makes the world go round. I don’t care for meaningless interactions or small talk. I love people and I love to learn about them. I have a great appreciation for my clients so I learning what makes you tick. I ask lots of questions about what you do, what you love and what your ideas are. I feel truly blessed for everyone that crosses my path on this journey. I love my clients! 

Random Andrea Facts


I love music. I still listen to a lot of 90’s and early 00’s pop and hip hop along with current Top 20 stuff but I mostly listen to contemporary Christian these days. My favorite is probably the worship team from Trinity Harvest church but I’m a huge Lauren Daigle fan since before it was cool to be. I also love Chris Thomlin and For King and Country. 


TV + Movies

Criminal Minds. NCIS. Vampire Diaries. The Originals. Bones. Ancient Aliens. House. The Ranch. Family Feud.

Anything medical/ER, Forensic/Crime, Mystery/Paranormal or Comedy.



I’m from a family of makers so I can paint, make ceramics, make candles : You name it! 

I LOVE making my own newborn props. I enjoy graphic design, making jewelry, home décor and doing just about anything else crafty. 



I’m an INFJ. If you know about personality types this will explain a lot about me. INFJ is a personality type that’s kinda rare. It means I’m  introverted but most of the time you’d never guess it. And I’m sorta unique and one of kind.

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Resting Witch Face.

I have it. I’m sorry. If I look hateful, I apologize in advance. Just wait – I might giggle in 10 more seconds before going right back to looking mad. It’s a curse.


What the what?

They are little known medical conditions (Disabilities to be honest) and I have all three of them. 

Life is tough but I’m tougher. If you here me say something about a condition I have, it’s one of these. 

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Guilty Pleasures

Bottled Starbucks Frappachino is life. Candy Crush or some other puzzle drop game. Pinterest. Buying stationary products and craft supplies I don’t need. Any $ales$. Gluten. Milkshakes. Wine.

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Inspired By

Clean and Minimal designs. Nature. Anything earthy like moss, wood, rocks and gems. Dark and moody food photography. Fabric textures. The beach. Animals.

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Superficial and perfectly fake people.

Injustice. Racism. 

Cleaning. Cooking.


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Faith + Focus + Frappe

It’s my personal blog. Writing is therapy for me and I dream of being a famous author when I grow up but I’m not devoted enough so far. You can check it out more of my thoughts there, though, if you’re interested.

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